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Melissa Fleming: Why we should help refugees thrive, not just survive

Host countries should not only help refugees survive but also recognise their enormous talents and resourcefulness and help them thrive, says Melissa Fleming, UN Refugee Agency’s spokesperson.

Stop stirring up hostility against asylum seekers, Daily Express told

Refugee Council, Refugee Action and the British Red Cross have jointly challenged a series of hostile stories about asylum seekers published by the Daily Express last week.

Nigerian LGBT activist shortlisted for UK’s National Diversity Awards, but risks deportation

A Nigerian LGBT activist and nominee for the UK’s largest Diversity Award risks deportation because the Home Office doesn’t believe she is a lesbian.

Amnesty asks Turkey to keep its borders open to Syrian refugees

Amnesty International has asked the Turkish authorities to keep their country’s borders open to people fleeing conflict and human rights abuses in Syria and Iraq.

UN’s Nansen Refugee Award goes to Colombian Women's Rights Network

This year’s Nansen Refugee Award will go to the Colombian women’s rights group “Butterflies” for helping women who have experienced torture or rape in their country.