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UN’s Nansen Refugee Award goes to Colombian Women's Rights Network

This year’s Nansen Refugee Award will go to the Colombian women’s rights group “Butterflies” for helping women who have experienced torture or rape in their country.

Resettle more Syrian refugees, Oxfam tells Western governments

International humanitarian organisation Oxfam has appealed to the Western and other rich countries to resettle more Syrian refugees.

Asylum seekers in Scotland living in sub-standard accommodation – report

Asylum seekers in Scotland are housed in sub-standard accommodation, putting their physical and mental wellbeing at risk, a new report by Scottish Refugee Council has revealed.

Asylum support rates will push people further into poverty, says Refugee Council

Refugee Council has criticised the government’s decision to leave unchanged the levels of cash support paid to asylum seekers.

British Red Cross calls for abolition of Azure payment card for asylum seekers

Asylum seekers who live off the Azure payment card often struggle to meet their basic needs, a new report by the British Red Cross has revealed.