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Do I need an accession worker card for each employer?

QUESTION: I'm a Bulgarian national. My employer in the UK has applied for a letter of approval. After he receives it and I get my accession worker card, can I find another job (second job) or must the other employer apply for a different letter of approval (and thus I need to get another accession worker card)?


Can I travel while on probationary spouse visa?

QUESTION: I am on a 2 year spouse's probationary visa, which expires in November of this year. We are going travelling in the Far East for a year, from September.  What effect will this have on my ability to get another Visa: will I be able to reenter the country as a visitor after we get back, and what - if anything - do I need to tell the Home Office?


I considered self employed if I'm a full time blogger?

QUESTION: Hi there, am I considered self employed if I'm a full time blogger?


I am British: any problems to marry my Indian fiancé and obtain a marriage certificate?

QUESTION: I am British and am going to marry my lover who is an Indian from India. Where do I get marriage certificate, from India? I am British so is there going to be any problem in marrying him and obtaining a marriage certificate?


We are overstaying. Will my son be able to continue his studies?

QUESTION: I am seeking your advice about my son affairs.
We are overstaying. My son is nearly 11 years and he is on his way to secondary school from September. He is studying here from year 1. The secondary school authority issued a letter to provide passport or birth certificate to prove student identity on next meeting. We have (back home) his birth certificate.  My concern is should be there any problem to continue his study. 
Kindly advise me.