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Reading Harry Potter books reduces prejudice, study shows

Young people who read the Harry Potter books are less likely to be prejudiced against ethnic minority groups, a new study has revealed.

Child migrant Family Restoration Fund extended until 2017

The UK government has decided to extend until 2017 the Family Restoration Fund which helps to reunite former child migrants with their families.

British woman jailed in Iran for trying to watch men's volleyball

In a place like Iran, if you are a woman, then you better avoid going to the stadium to watch men’s volleyball matches.

Landlord migrant check scheme will lead to a rise in discrimination, warns JCWI

The UK Government’s decision to fine landlords who rent homes to illegal immigrants will lead to a rise in discrimination, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has warned.

Anglo - Portuguese unions sign agreement to help workers enforce their rights

Portuguese migrant workers in the UK can join unions and enforce their rights at work thanks to a new agreement between the British and Portuguese trade union movements.