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Don’t grant asylum to illegal immigrants, says UKIP MEP

Illegal immigrants found in Tilbury Docks should not to be given asylum, Thurrock’s MEP and candidate for Parliament Tim Aker has said.

Public support removal of students from UK net migration target

The British public do not consider international students studying in the UK as “immigrants”, and want the government to remove them from the net migration targets, a new research has revealed.

Lord Heseltine: Exclude foreign students from immigration cuts

Former cabinet minister Lord Heseltine has asked the government to exclude foreign students from plans to cut net immigration to the UK.

Cameron’s migration policy "cynical and vacuous", says UKIP

The UK government’s immigration approach is "cynical and vacuous", UKIP's Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe has said.

Minister for Communities wishes Muslims Happy Eid

Minister for Communities Stephen Williams has wished Muslims in the UK and across the world a happy Eid Mubarak.