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Admit Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen Area, EU advised

The European Union should admit Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen Area or risk aiding Russia's territorial ambitions by allowing "gaps to appear in the defenses of Europe", Romanian Liberal MEP Norica Nicolai has warned.

Obama: Let’s “fix our broken immigration system”

US President Barack Obama has said America’s immigration system needs to be fixed if the country is serious about economic growth.

Urban Outfitters removes Lord Ganesh socks and apologizes to Hindus

Urban Outfitters, a publicly traded American retail company has apologized to Hindus upset over socks carrying image of Lord Ganesh.

The company which offers a variety of lifestyle merchandise, has offered to remove it from stores and website immediately.

Global federation founded to advocate for domestic workers’ rights

A global federation of domestic workers has been founded to organize domestic workers worldwide, share strategies across regions, and advocate for their rights.

The International Domestic Workers Federation was founded during a meeting of labor leaders from more than 40 countries in Montevideo, Uruguay from 26th to 28th October 2013.

UNHCR recruiting top young professionals. Apply now

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has launched a new programme aimed at attracting some of the world's top young professionals to work for UNHCR in the field from next year.