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Sarmale: stuffed cabbage rolls from the Balkans

Sarmale in foi de varza– the Romanian version

Stuffed cabbage rolls are a delightful dish that just everyone loves, whether or not from the Balkans. There are many versions: the following is in the Romanian tradition (athough there are many versions also in Romania).


Krumpli with paprika, a hearty Hungarian potato stew to warm you up


A savoury dish to warm you up in cold autumn evenings. A spicy Hungarian potato goulash, served with smoked sausage and served with crusty bready and a dollop of soured cream.


Prawns in Coconut Curry Sauce from Sri Lanka

This quick and easy-to-make exotic dish from the Island of Paradise will provide colour and character to your dinner.


Indulge in Bulgarian 'Garash Cake' to beat the autumn blues

'Garash cake' is found in most Bulgarians restaurants and cafes. Bulgarians love to meet at 'sladkarnizi' – sweet-shops -  where coffee is served with a large array of different cakes, ice creams as well as cocktails.

The 'Garash' is the cake for excellence. Many other cakes came after that - fruit, chocolate, almond, coconut, etc.. - but it remains one of the most popular desserts and also the right one for special occasions. Not all Cafés offer a version worthy of its fame. That's why it's better to learn how to prepare it at home, where you usually bake it on the occasion of birthdays, most often in winter as it a high-calories treat to indulge it and a small piece is enough to fill you up.


Aubergine and Mozzarella Stacks from an Italian Summer

This is a simple yet dashing recipe, that uses the typical ingredients of an Italian summer – aubergines, mozzarella and tomatoes.