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Worried about skin colour, body shape! Academy awardee Geena Davis will change perceptions

Have all those ads with models having `size zero’ or ‘perfect hourglass’ bodies left you conscious about your own image? Or have all those models with perfect complexion left you pale?

Worry not! Academy award winning actor Geena Davis has teamed up with Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone to challenge the portrayal of women in the global media.




How violent videogames affect the brain


Violent video game play may have a long-term effect on brain functioning

Whether or not playing videogames too much, especially violent ones, causes brain damage has long been matter of much debate. Now science shows that those fears were not entirely unfounded: alterations in the brain do occur, although perhaps it is yet too early to know how harmful.


Homeless migrants can look forward to warmth in winter.

You can look forward to some warmth in the winters. Snow wardens and winter workers are here to help people keep safe this winter.


HPA develops online migrant health guide

The Health Protection Agency has called on nurses and other primary care practitioners to recognise migrants, who may be at danger from infectious disease.




Gary Sethi — first South Asian Sardar Fitness trailblazer

Gary Sethi is breaking stereotypes. As the first South Asian Sardar Fitness trailblazer, he is fast finding his way to limelight in fitness and modeling. His goal is simple – inspire every South Asian to be healthy and fit, while showcasing South Asian Sardars in a positive light.

Within that goal, Gary works to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of individual fitness programs.

He was recently awarded the Canadian Youth Of The Year Award 2011, and also honoured with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Plaque.

Gary earned his credentials in the school of hard knocks. As the youngest child of South Asian immigrants, Gary struggled to ‘fit in’ and sought comfort in food. On top of typical immigrant insecurities, he faced weight issues and low self-esteem. This parlayed into a few years of cultural rebellion and ‘partying’. Like many South Asian youth, he felt pulled in various directions at once. Canada pulled him to the west; India pulled him to the east. He could not understand the ongoing responsibility of having duo cultures and how to merge the two.

Then during his 20’s – things finally clicked. The inspiration was from his older sister, Sonia and her own healthy weight transformation. With her guidance, he found a passion for weight training and fitness. Gary’s natural athletic ability ignited. Weight training enabled him to propel his South Asian Sardar identity, roots, and incorporate them into a total body functional training regimen.

As the saying goes, “charity starts at home” and Gary has utilized his knowledge to help others, especially his own family. This deep-rooted connection and purpose to achieve a healthy lifestyle has made Gary become one of the most sought-after fitness coaches. His modus operandi has become ‘believe to achieve’.

While his focus is primarily South Asians, Gary extends his reach to the masses by working one on one with individuals to attain first hand, practical experience about fitness, and what it takes to follow a healthy lifestyle.

He strives to maintain the highest standards in developing new and innovative ways to enhance and maintain physical fitness. “There are many people living out of balance – my goal is to put the pieces of the puzzle together with cardiovascular training, weight training, nutrition, and mental health.” Leveraging various tools, Gary strives to educate and motivate individuals to develop themselves and improve their performance.

Take a look at his healthy pics: