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Legalising your stay

Immigration Appeals and Administrative Reviews

In the current climate, the Government has eroded the rights of immigrants in the UK by
applying stringent new rules in an effort to reduce migration with the aim of bringing down
immigration numbers.
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Therefore, if you have been refused a visa, an extension of leave to remain or have been refused a points based system visa and have been provided with a right to appeal or been told that you can submit an Administrative Review, the need to obtain immediate professional and accurate legal advice is essential.


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Overstayer or illegal? How to regularise your legal status in UK

Have you overstayed your visa? Do you think you could be an illegal? Are you worried about being removed or deported from the UK? Have you ever been detained by the Home Office or Immigration authorities? Would you like to stay in the UK legally?

If any of the questions above apply to you, then you may be somebody who has no legal status in the UK and therefore needs to regularise their legal status in the UK immediately.


Detention and Removal for breach of Immigration Rules

 A Guide to apply for release


When to apply for Discretionary Leave and Indefinite Leave to Remain on compassionate grounds

25 November 2010. It is difficult to give an accurate figure on how many overstayers there are in the UK, but it would be sensible to suggest a figure in excess of 1 million overstayers.

happy-family.pngAn “overstayer” can be defined as a person who remains illegally in a country after the period of authorised leave (visa) has expired.

An “illegal entrant” in the UK can be defined as a person who unlawfully enters or seeks to enter the UK in breach of the immigration laws or seeks to enter the UK by means which include deception by another person.


Visa Appeals: The Process

How to request a refusal decision to be overturned: Secretary of State, British Embassy