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Legalising your stay

Detention and Removal for breach of Immigration Rules

 A Guide to apply for release

When to apply for Discretionary Leave and Indefinite Leave to Remain on compassionate grounds

25 November 2010. It is difficult to give an accurate figure on how many overstayers there are in the UK, but it would be sensible to suggest a figure in excess of 1 million overstayers.

happy-family.pngAn “overstayer” can be defined as a person who remains illegally in a country after the period of authorised leave (visa) has expired.

An “illegal entrant” in the UK can be defined as a person who unlawfully enters or seeks to enter the UK in breach of the immigration laws or seeks to enter the UK by means which include deception by another person.

Visa Appeals: The Process

How to request a refusal decision to be overturned: Secretary of State, British Embassy