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Bogracsgulyas - Hungarian Paprika Soup

This hearty Hungarian stew has a nomadic origin: the Magyars, nomadic horsemen from the steppes, cooked and dried their meat and reconstituted it by stewing it in water in soup kettle, the bogracs, when they pitched camp.

Qahwa, the true Arabian coffee

The recipe to taste the exotic fragrance of a good qahwa. If you're in a hurry, forget it, this one's not for you.

Ballokume, oversized Albanian biscuits to celebrate Spring

On March 14, Albanians celebrate Dita e Veres, or "Spring Day," An ancient festival, originally celebrated only in Elbasan, at the center of the country, which has lately become national.

Typical of Spring Day are garlands, mimosas, outings and picnics, and especially the large biscuits made of cornmeal, butter and sugar that go by the name of Ballokume.

LAMB CIORBA: a Romanian specialty for Easter Day

Ciorba de Miel: try this tangy Romanian lamb soup

Doro Wett – Ethiopian Chicken Stew

The most famous Ethiopian and Eritrean dish, Doro is served steaming on trays layered with soft and spongy injera