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If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say…. VIDEO

White people say many offensive things to Latinos probably without realising it.

Poet uses mathematics to prove that UK needs immigrants - VIDEO

All who claim that immigrants are destroying the UK, are bad for the country, are draining the public resources and should therefore be stopped from coming to the UK should spend a few minutes to watch the following video.

London rally says No to Racism and Fascism

The Stand up to Racism and Fascism march and rally brought to London more than 10,000 people on 22nd March 2014.

Negative attitude towards foreign students harmful to UK

James Pitman, managing director, higher education UK and Europe at Study Group, discusses how recent negative sentiment towards foreign students could have a damaging effect on the future of the UK’s higher education sector and the economy.

Religious war declared on music, national wealth of Mali

Islamist leaders have banned music in a country that has become internationally renowned for its wealth of sound.